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Start Your Adventure in Historical European Martial Arts!


The art that gives a lifetime of enjoyment! Learn a complete range of  skills, starting with fundamentals and leading to sophisticated techniques for a lifetime of successful, enjoyable fencing. Classes teach technical skills, tactical skills, fencing strategy, and bouting. Fencers can fence recreationally or choose to compete.

Historical European Martial Arts

HEMA is one of the fastest-growing martial studies in the world today!  Learn to use the medieval longsword, single-hand sword & shield, dagger, polearms, and hand-to-hand techniques.  Based on medieval "how-to" manuscripts, Armizare is a complete martial arts system taught with an emphasis on safety, control, and skill at arms.

Training Benefits
• Learn to integrate mind and body
• Improve strength, balance, coordination, reflexes, and flexibility
• Programs allow individual progress while training and having fun with peers
• Teaches self-confidence, discipline, and respect of self and others
• A traditional European training system for complete physical & mental training
• Head Instructor is a professionally trained & certified Fencing Master
• All Academy instructors trained by the Head Instructor

Child and Youth Classes also include games to build skills. ~ Equipment provided in all Beginning and Children's classes.