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Children’s Armizare

Kids love swordfighting! Our program of Medieval Martial Arts are offered in an engaging and safe environment led by trained instructors. The Children's Armizare curriculum is focused on the skills of becoming of a knight:10519729_4797872961474_6756476255167221401_n

  • Learn the Chivalric Martial Arts of Longsword, Sword & Shield, Poleaxe and Spear
  • Learn about medieval history and life in the middle ages10425171_4344337423369_3804241527918511136_n
  • Participate in tournaments: a Knightly Deed of Armswill be held every three months!

Students will also learn to practice the Seven Chivalric Virtues:

  • 10417670_4322468716665_3379_medProwess - Physical and mental discipline;
  • Humility - Respect self and of others;
  • Courage - The strength to confront fear, uncertainty, and to undertake tasks which are difficult, tedious or unglamorous, and to graciously accept the sacrifices involved;
  • Courtesy - Learning to work in fellowship with others that all may benefit;
  • Generosity - The willingness to help others;
  • 10517548_4341480671952_3494887455229288358_nMercy - The ability to forgive others;
  • Temperance - Practicing balance in all things: holding all virtues in balance develops a physically and mentally healthy person.

Everyone uses safe practice swords that give the authentic feel of the real thing, along with masks and protective gear.  Students will also get the opportunity to interact with real swords and armour under the supervision of the instructors!