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All Introductory Classes include in-class use of masks, gloves, and swords.
Introductory classes also include a free school t-shirt!

Special 6 Week Introduction to Medieval Longsword

Saturdays 11 am - 12:30 PM November 4 - December 16 (no class Nov 25)
Learn the art of the medieval longsword in this special six week class! This class will focus on six core actions of longsword, giving you a solid foundation to continue in the art. The two-handed sword was wielded with sophistication and finesse by knights and nobles, and was the central weapon of Armizare, the medieval Italian Art of Arms. Armizare was taught by Maestro d’armi Fiore dei Liberi in the late 14th century. His four illustrated manuscripts - medieval martial arts “how-to” books - teach the techniques, tactics and strategy of longsword fighting. Much more than a “brute force” weapon, you’ll learn subtle and sophisticated ways to outthink your opponent, and even use their own strength against them. It’s chess with steel! NOTE: NO CLASS ON NOVEMBER 25 (THANKSGIVING WEEKEND)
Cost: $130 per month for 6 weeks
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Introduction to Classical Dueling Sabre

New Session Starting in January!!


Introduction to Renaissance Swordplay

New Session Starting in January!!

Academy Cavaliers - Children's Longsword Program

Wednesdays 4:15 - 5:15 September 6 - December 20 (No Class on November 22)
Saturdays 9:45 am - 10:45 am September 9 - December 16 (No Class November 25)

Based on our famous History Explorer Summer Camps!  Learn the ways of chivalry and the sword! Medieval society was rich and varied. Students will explore daily life and society and train with sword and shield while learning about the history of the middle ages! They will learn hands-on about historical armour, weapons, battle tactics and more. They even get to train to joust with a lance and quintain!
Cost: $85 per month for 4 months (single class per week)
$125 per month for 4 months (two classes per week)

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Continuing Membership

Ongoing Classes - See Schedule
Continue your swordplay adventure! Membership for all intermediate and advanced level classes for which you have completed an Introductory course. You may take an unlimited number of classes. This pass is auto-renewed monthly.
Cost: $99 per month for 12 months
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