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Fundamentals of Armizare

Saturday January 23, 2016  10 am to 4 pm
Six hours of training in the fundamentals of Armizare! We'll review fundamentals of body mechanics, guard, movement, offense, defense and counteroffense, and work through a series of exercises designed to teach the techniques and tactics of Fiore's system of martial arts.

Class will conclude with an hour of coached sparring.  Bring: Mask, gambeson, gloves & gauntlets, elbow protectors, longsword, notebook, water bottle. Taught by Maestro Sean Hayes and assisted by Academy Instructor Luke Ricker.

• Please plan for lunch!  There’s one restaurant next door, and one sandwich shop down the way,  but we will only have about half an hour to eat.  Sack lunch recommended.
• Doors open at 9:30 am and the seminar starts at 10 am sharp!


Armizare Seminar - $40

(Academy Students Please Enter Coupon Code for Discounted Entry)

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