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Instructors & Staff

Instructors at Northwest Fencing Academy maintain a welcoming, safe, and engaging learning environment where students can learn at their own rate, and feel successful in their own personal development and application of the art.  While instructors follow the curriculum and lesson plans developed by the Maestro for their classes, they will also modify their presentation according to the specific learning styles and needs of their students.

Maestro d'Armi Sean Hayes, Head Instructor & Head Curriculum Director

Maestro Sean Hayes initially studied classical French fencing under Maitre d'armes Adam Adrian Crown in Ithaca, New York; and also pursued studies of rapier and dagger under Maitre Crown. In 1995 he began his studies of traditional Italian fencing at California's San Jose State University Fencing Master's Program, under the direction of fencing master Dr. William M. Gaugler. The program employs the system of instruction developed by Masaniello Parise, first director of the celebrated 19th century Military Masters School in Rome (Scuola Magistrale di Scherma). The program trains teachers to think critically about the details of fencing theory and the application of fencing theory in actual practice, to work with students closely and carefully, and to observe the most minute aspects of their performance in the lesson and when fencing.

Maestro Hayes apprenticed directly under Maestro Gaugler from 1995 to 1999. His examination for Master At Arms was open to the public, and conducted by an international board of 6 fencing masters representing the United States, France, and Italy. The examination included oral and practical components: intense questioning on the smallest aspects of classical Italian fencing theory; the candidate required to teach group lessons, individual lessons, take individual lessons; and finally to teach any actions or combination of several actions in any weapons desired by the board to a fellow candidate.

Luke Ricker, Armizare Instructor & Assistant Curriculum Developer

Luke has been a regular Armizare student at the Academy since 2009, taking fencing and Armizare lessons with Maestro Sean Hayes. He currently teaches the Academy's Armizare Longsword Fundamentals class. Luke has a passion for learning and instructing. In 2013 he earned the rank of Scholar at Northwest Fencing Academy, successfully completing a rigorous and demanding all-day test covering theory, history, practice and teaching of longsword, abrazare (wrestling) and dagger. He can often be seen walking around in armor downtown Eugene on the weekends; answering questions, accepting duel challenges, and passing out Northwest Fencing Academy business cards.

Luke grew up in central Arizona, where he trained horses, rode, and shod them as a certified journeyman farrier. Luke started playing the mandolin at age 12, and was shortly thereafter performing bluegrass and Old Time music locally, and teaching music lessons to students of all ages.

Chip Walker, Sword & Shield and Armizare Instructor

Biography coming soon

Ethon Cole, Assistant Armizare Instructor & Youth Program Instructor

>Biography coming soon

Tyler Stubbert, Director of Business Development & Director of Youth Programs

Tyler Stubbert grew up in Pleasant Hill Oregon with his Parents and three older brothers. After which he attended University at the U of O where he received his Bachelors Degree in Medieval Studies, before going on to receive a Masters of Arts in Teacher from Pacific University. He currently lives in Eugene where he teaches 7th grade Social Studies at Madison Middle School here in Eugene. He has worked with children ranging from 5 to 18 for over a decade through the City of Eugene Park and Recreations Department.

Tyler has known and worked with Maestro Hayes for the better part of the last 10 years. He began his Martial Arts with Maestro Hayes, in 2004 with Classical Italian Fencing and quickly progressed on to Armizare. Within Northwest Fencing Academy he holds the rank of Scholar.

Tyler serves Northwest Fencing Academy as both the Director of Youth Programs, where he helps develop youth curriculum as well as training for youth instructors, and as The Director of Business Development where he helps build the schools public image here in Eugene through demonstrations and Academy outreach.