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History & Martial Arts Camps for Girls and Boys Grades 1 - 6! Come and explore three different historical European periods! Campers will learn about different cultures, fighting techniques, heraldry, societal virtues as well as learn about famous historical figures like Julius Caesar, Leif Erickson, Saladin, William Marshal. Campers will craft and learn to use swords & shields, and more! Our program is designed and taught by Tyler Stubbert, a middle school teacher in the 4J District with over a decade of camp counseling experience.



Week 1 - Roman Camp 
June 26 – June 30
 from 9 to 3:30
Learn the ways of the Romans! Campers will learn how the Roman Legion was so effective on the battle field as they train with the Roman sword and shield. We will also learn about Roman society, daily life, government, leaders like Julius Caesar and Marcus Aurelius, and how Rome interacted with other cultures. We’ll also study the great engineering works such as the Colosseum and a road network that connected the Roman world!

Week 2 - Viking Camp
 July 10 – July 14
 from 9 to 3:30
Learn the ways of the Vikings! Though known for raids, Vikings were traders, explorers, story tellers, and adventurers who re-shaped much of Europe. Campers will learn about daily life, Viking settlements in far-off lands, Viking trade routes, and get to experience the importance of the shield wall as they train with sword and shield. They'll learn about Viking culture by exploring Viking sagas and Viking history!

Week 3 - Knight Camp 
July 17 – July 21 from 9 to 3:30
Learn the ways of chivalry and the sword! Medieval society was rich and varied. Campers will explore daily life and society, including the three religions of Europe and the East. Campers will train with sword and shield while learning about the history of the middle ages! They will learn hands-on about historical armour, weapons, battle tactics and more. Campers get to make their own heraldry and catapults, as well as train how to joust!

One Camp: $250/ Two Camps: $450/ Three Camps: $650

Roman Camp June 26-30 SOLD OUT
Viking Camp July 10-14 $250
Knight Camp July 17-21 SOLD OUT
Romans & Vikings 2 Camp Pass SOLD OUT
Romans & Knights 2 Camp Pass SOLD OUT
Vikings & Knights 2 Camp Pass SOLD OUT
Romans, Vikings & Knights 3 Camp Pass  SOLD OUT

Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of children, youth, men and women and our community in general, through the study of Historical European Martial Arts.  We specifically prohibit discriminatory or harassing behavior based on race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic or religious background, or ability, and we will respond quickly and seriously to all forms of harassment.

We create a physical environment where everyone can learn to respect one another; our martial arts school promotes a safe, caring, orderly and supportive training space, where our students are assisted in achieving their highest potential in physical fitness, increased coordination, flexibility and endurance, and mental clarity and focus.

We train hard in an atmosphere of friendship, fellowship, and mutual respect. We’re willing to get sweaty, tired, bumped and bruised in our training, but no one should ever be injured and we always treat our training partners with the utmost respect. Practicing full contact martial arts and martial sports with others is a privilege that carries the responsibility of safeguarding one’s training partners.

In our children’s and youth classes we strive to instill the martial arts values in a caring and fun environment that will empower them to successfully move into society with increased confidence, determination, self-esteem and unwavering spirit, but also with thoughtfulness & humanity.

We welcome you to join our community!