4J Student Middle School Membership Verification

This is a grant-supported 6 month membership for middle school students who are currently enrolled in a 4J Middle School program or who were enrolled in the Summer 2021 program. A program code is needed; please contact us using the form below for enrollment verification, live registration link, and code!

We will respond within 48 hours (and usually the very next day).

Please read our Covid-19 Vaccination Policy.

Fencing Masks

Due to Covid-19 and what we have learned about transmissable disease, we are no longer providing loaner masks. We sell new fencing masks in the studio for cost ($60-$70), and will buy back at half price any mask within three months of purchase (should you decide not to continue); provided the mask is in good condition and was purchased from us for use in an introductory course. We will sterilize these masks for resale as used masks at half price one time only – we will not buy back any used mask. Sterilizing masks is difficult due to the extensive padding inside; it is unfortunately prohibitively impractical to do on a regular basis.

Emergency Contact / Authorized Pickup Person

Additional Emergency Contact / Authorized Pickup Person

Click Here to Continue to 4J Registration Page. You will need your code to get the discount.