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In his youth, Fiore, son of the late Sir Benedetto of the noble family of Dei Liberi , wanted to learn the arts of arms and of combat. He wished to learn how to use the lance, the axe, the sword, the dagger and how to wrestle; he wanted to learn combat on foot and on horseback, both with armor and without. He also longed to learn of the temper of iron, of the nature of each weapon and of its aptness for defense and offense —and most of all, of combat with sharp weapons and of other wondrous and secret things that are known by few men in the world. And by the grace of God, Fiore learned so much from so many Masters and students, and in the courts of such great lords, princes, dukes and marquises, counts, knights and squires, that he was himself often asked to teach.  I, Fiore, am of the opinion that few in the world are Masters of this art, an art for which I want to be remembered. This is why I am composing a book that encompasses the art and all I know about iron, temper, and other subjects.

Fiore dei Liberi, Prologue, il Fior di Battaglia (The Flower of Battle), Italy, 1410