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29 R Stretto

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Past classes are archived here with the date and a brief explanation of the lesson plan.

Integrated Body & Sword Mechanics

“Body Mechanics” refers to the coordinated movements of the body to achieve specific ends. Similarly, “Sword Mechanics” refers to the coordinated movement of the sword, using the sword’s natural balance and rotation points. This three-part video series is an overview of these mechanics. In future videos we will look at body and sword mechanics in …

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Dagger Remedy Master Training Series

Instructional Videos on basic execution of the 9 Dagger Remedies. In-Class Review Session for Iniziato, Compagno and Scholar candidates at Northwest Fencing Academy. This covers the basic mechanics of the Nine Dagger Remedy Masters from Fiore dei Liberi’s Fior di Battaglia, which details L’Arte dell’Armizare (the Art of Arms).  The instructional emphasis is on developing proficiency …

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