Dagger Remedy Master Training Series

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Instructional Videos on basic execution of the 9 Dagger Remedies. In-Class Review Session for Iniziato, Compagno and Scholar candidates at Northwest Fencing Academy.
This covers the basic mechanics of the Nine Dagger Remedy Masters from Fiore dei Liberi’s Fior di Battaglia, which details L’Arte dell’Armizare (the Art of Arms).  The instructional emphasis is on developing proficiency in mechanics and timing, so that there’s a solid foundation for the actual scholar’s plays. The dagger strip (which is technically not a Fiore play) is something I use for teaching fundamental mechanical concepts of structure, timing, and movement. In reality, the other fellow will put up a fight, which is where the actual plays come in.
Candidates for all ranks are expected to be able to analyze mechanics as well as perform them, with execution skills increasing per level.  The video is fairly self-explanatory, but I’ll be happy to take questions over on the forums.  Note that this just covers basic execution of the Remedy, plus mechanics of the dagger strip.  We’ll cover various plays in later videos!