The Exemplary Masters: Foundations of Armizare

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The exercises in this course are solo drills designed to teach correct body mechanics – the proper movement of the body in martial arts, specifically Armizare.
Most of them use specific guards, or poste (see Armizare Glossary), with or without weapons (or a weapon stand-in). Each exercise should be practiced with attention to detail, and an awareness of the body, so that the movements become second nature. This takes time, practice, and patience, but anyone can learn to improve strength, balance, and coordination – the cornerstones of martial arts.
As you progress through the lessons, be sure to return to earlier lessons frequently for review and additional practice. I’ve been doing the for over 25 years and I still practice more basic drills than fancy moves. As my fencing master, William Gaugler, said, “Fights are won with simple actions performed at a high level of skill.”