Shoulder & Arm Mobility

2 – Shoulder & Arm Mobility from Sean Hayes on Vimeo.

Shoulder Shrugs: 30 (15 each direction)
Start with shoulders down and back, palms slightly outward. Rotate your shoulders forward and up into a “shrug” position, and continue the rotation so they’re back in place. There’s a very slight pause at this position, then begin again. Your chest should project forward.
Arm Circles: 30 (15 each direction)
With shoulders down and back, rotate the arms in wide circles forwards, crossing the arms in front of you with good reach (don’t force the reaching motion). Reverse the direction. Don’t go fast. You want full motions to loosen up – you’re not trying to helicopter yourself off the ground!
Elbow Circles: 30 each arm (15 each direction)
Stand with you feet slightly apart and at right angles, as shown, with one heel behind the other. Extend the forward arm, shoulder relaxed, elbow straight but not locked, hand open and thumb up. Keep the shoulder down and back. Turn the thumb downwards by rotating the forearm, and make a circle from the elbow, keeping the wrist straight and the upper arm in position – don’t dip the upper arm. Don’t attempt to point your arm straight straight down – you can’t do that without pulling the shoulder into a bad position. Circle back to the beginning and pause for an instant. Repeat. To reverse direction, raise the arm up as show and rotate – again, do not try to point straight down. You’ll finish with the thumb pointed down: pause for an instant, rotate the thumb back to the top, pause for another instant, and repeat.
Squats: (10-12)
Stand straight and upright, shoulders back and down, abdominal and gluteal muscles held firm. With heels firmly in contact with the floor. Bend at the knees as if sitting down. Your knees should not project past your feet as you squat. Keep you head up, looking outward, and your chest projected forward, arcing the lower back inward. Don’t raise up on the heels or lean forward.
Simple Abdominal Crunch: (10-12)
Lying on your back, squeeze your abs (belly) to lift your upper back slightly off the floor. Don’t use your arms to pull on your neck! That’s why I keep them free.
Pushup: (8-12)
With your hands slightly wider than shoulder width, & your body in a plank (mine could be better), slowly raise & lower. You can do knee pushups instead, or you can finish with knees when the longer form is too difficult to continue.