Core and Spine Mobility

Armizare Online Freebie! This is a series of short exercise videos, with a short written guide, allowing you to build a simple but effective workout in your own home. You can use this workout as a warm-up for your Armizare practice, or scale up into a basic high intensity training workout for greater challenge!  I’ll continue to update this workout page to make it more useful, including developing a simple High Intensity Interval Training routine.

1 – Core and Spine Mobility from Sean Hayes on Vimeo.

Trunk Turns: 30 (15 in each direction)
Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip/shoulder width. Starting from the upper body, swing the arms in one direction. Allow the foot on the opposite side to pivot on the ball of the foot, heel lifting slightly. Your shoulders should turn a little further than your hips, helping to mobilize the spine and trunk.
Sideways Reach: 30 (15 in each direction)
In the same posture as above, reach from side to side in the vertical plane of the body. Don’t lean forward or backward.
Forward & Back: 20
Bring the feet a little closer together. Hinging at the hips, reach the hands in the direction of the floor. Keep your legs straight – do not bend the knees. Hinging at the hips again, raise the trunk and arms and reach back, looking at the ceiling. It is not necessary to touch the floor – move to the comfortable extent you can. Don’t force it.
Molinelli (windmills): 30 (15 in each direction)
Returning to the slightly wider foot position, swing one arm up from behind you. As it reaches the vertical and is about to descend, hinge from the hips and point it in the direction of the opposite foot. Reverse the motion and return the arm to it’s original position, leaning slightly back to look upwards, as in the previous exercise. Repeat with the other side. Don’t arc your back in an attempt to reach lower. It is not necessary to touch the feet, so don’t force it! This isn’t a “toe touch.” It’s a range of motion exercise, a simple warm-up. Some people will have more flexibility than others, and everyone will develop more as they continue to train.