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  • Sabre for Middle School Students

    $85.00 on the 2nd of each month for 2 months and a $85.00 current month charge
    A sabre program designed to teach middle school kids the techniques, tactics, and strategy of sabre fencing.  Focus is on the sabre with occasional lesson in the use of the epee (dueling sword). Students should wear a plain t-shirt or school t-shirt, tennis shoes, and black exercise pants (not shorts) to each class.  All other equipment (sword, mask, gloves, elbow protectors, jacket) is provided for in-class use.
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  • Continuing Membership for Adults & Teens

    From: $85.00 / month
    Once you've completed an Introductory Course, you're ready for a Continuing Membership!  Continuing Members study their art in more depth, learning new technical, tactical, and fighting skills in the main weapon as well as in additional weapons.  You can choose your discipline below, and choose to study once per week, twice per week, or unlimited times per week!
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  • Upgrade This Membership

    From: $25.00 / month
    Upgrade your membership to allow you to train twice per week, or unlimited classes per week!  Continuing Members may take any Introductory class, or any Continuing Class for which they have competed an Introductory class.  Please, one member only - cannot be shared with others.
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Showing all 3 results