Programs & Classes

Introductory Programs – Teen & Adult

Academy Cavaliers Youth Program

Based on our famous History Explorer Summer Camp – learn the ways of chivalry and the sword! Medieval society was rich and varied. Students will explore daily life and society and train with sword and shield while learning about the history of the middle ages. They will learn hands-on about historical armour, weapons, battle tactics and more. They even get to train to joust with a lance and quintain!  Grades 1 through 6 (older kids should check out our Teen/Adult Introductory Programs.)

Intermediate and Advanced Programs – Teen & Adult

Armizare is our medieval martial arts program, covering the use of sword, dagger, grappling & throwing, and pole arms.
Our Armizare curriculum was developed by Maestro d’Armi Sean Hayes, the Academy’s Head Instructor and Curriculum Director, from medieval manuscripts detailing the specific techniques and martial principles of combat with and without weapons. The student’s foundation for success is laid in our Fundamentals Courses, which teach the basics of stance and movement, the proper handling of the sword and the dagger in both offense and defense, and the fundamental principles of martial arts. The Intermediate Course builds on this foundation, introducing strategic and tactical concepts through discussion, drills in all weapons forms, and carefully supervised sparring at both sword and dagger. From here the student goes on to Advanced Training. We teach Fiore’s arts in reference to how effective they would be in a real encounter, and therefore place an absolute emphasis on safety, control, and skill at arms.

Intermediate Longsword
Continues the work begun in Introduction to Longsword. We move from simple actions to more complex, and begin learning in dagger. Intermediate Longsword classes are designed to work with a repeat of the Introductory course: take both together for an immersive educational experience.
Schedule: 6pm-730pm 12/4/17 – 3/26/18 No Class Dates: 12/25/17, 1/1/18

Advanced Armizare
The continuation of the Intermediate Longsword course. This class covers advanced technical and tactical training in all weapons of the art: sword, dagger, polearms, and grappling. Students are encouraged to also attend the Intermeidate and Introduction classes for additional practice.
Schedule: Wednesdays 7:30pm-9pm Ongoing


About Our Programs

We focus on the development of a complete system of technical and tactical skills in the fencer, taught through carefully devised skill drills and supervised fencing practice. Fencers are taught a complete range of actions, starting with the relatively simple and leading to the increasingly complex, so that they incorporate and internalize the necessary skills for a lifetime of successful, enjoyable fencing and martial arts practice.  Academy classes include technical drills, tactical drills, and supervised bouting practice. Child and Youth Classes also include fencing games to build skills.

Intermediate/Advanced SabreStudents reinforce fundamental skills and learn new technical and tactical skills, with a particular focus on circular cutting actions in addition to direct cuts.  This class builds on the fundamentals class and works with the cross-step back, the balestra, the advance-lunge, double-advance lunge, and the renewed attack. We develop advanced bladework skills, including compound attacks, circular parries, parry combinations, actions on the blade, and counterattacks.